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AAU Competitive Team
Special Stars Division


AAU Certified Club-

Sierra Adaptive Gymnastics

Sierra Adaptive Gymnastics offers a competitive gymnastics team certified by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). We travel around Michigan and select midwest states to compete under the Special Stars Division of the AAU.


The Special Stars program is a competitive gymnastics division with adaptations and modifications, including its own standards for scoring performances on each event. The Special Stars program has 3 levels, all based on the ability of the neurodivergent athlete.

Learn more about the rules by clicking here.

To qualify for SAGC's competitive AAU team, you must do the following:

  1. Express interest to the head coach

  2. Gymnast must be 4 years or older

  3. Gymnast must be able to follow instructions

  4. Gymnast must be able to memorize routines or imitate a routine in real time by watching the coach

  5. Gymnast must be able to complete basic gymnastics skills and participate in a consultation with the head coach.

  6. Text 248-509-0024 to sign up for your competitive team consultation.

  7. Book competitive team sessions here.

What's Included in These Classes?

Adaptive Skills

All gymnastics skills taught in the class are adapted to the individual needs of the junior athlete.


Training to become an athlete that will compete in various AAU gymnastics meets in Michigan.

Trained by BCBA

Coaching by a former competitive gymnast and BCBA who works with developmental/intellectual disabilities.

Is this program right for you?

Sign up for you or your child's class today! The competitive classes meet twice per week for 30 min to an hour. Go to our booking page to sign up!

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